About Scarola Photography

My Story

I grew up in a small, rural town in Eastern Washington. The area contained an abundance of wonderful subject material for all types of photography (mountains, wheat fields, old barns, etc.), but it wasn't until doing some work in Alaska in 2011 that I really caught the "camera bug". I guess I was so inspired by the natural beauty of my surroundings that I started playing around with my cell phone camera. Now that initial interest has evolved into a full-blown passion.

I have always loved art and I have discovered that photography provides a way to paint a picture of an emotionally provoking image using a camera. An old rusted vintage car, a wrinkled face with character, and a summer mountain scene all come alive with color and detail when viewed through the lens on my camera. Whether it be driving down a dirt road in Texas or eating in a historic restaurant in Bellingham, WA, I now find myself framing that "perfect" picture in my head.

I enjoy photographing a wide array of items, but find old structures, architecture, barns, and vintage store fronts to be of particular interest. I still feel that my interest in photography is in its infancy and am so excited about gaining experience and learning more about this hobby. I can't wait to see where this passion will take me!